Switching Hosting Providers and Migrating to Octopress

After a few years with my prior VPS host, it is time to move to a new hosting service. After checking into EC2, Rackspace and a few others, I went with Linode. In additon, I also have migrated from Wordpress to Octopress.

In the migration to Linode, I ended up switching to the 512mb plan instead of the previous 1 gigabyte plan. Octopress allows me to serve static pages instead of having to run a MySQL server.

I can write up a post about the migration itself, but I wanted to note why I went to Linode instead of an EC2 reserved instance. I have found the CPU available on the Linode 512 package was much quicker than the reserved instance, however the reserved instance would have given me 1.7GB of ram. In this case even at 1 gigabyte I wasn’t using all of my available ram, so I decided to cut down to 512. As part of that switch I actually went with a 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 install, as staying with the stock 64-bit would use more memory, especially if I ran any 32-bit programs.

I have a check list of items I am doing out of the box, I will share these in a blog post early next week. Happy holidays!